Young, passionate influencers sharing their passions with their peers!

You R the Future fosters the aspirational and entrepreneurial spirit of the millennial generation. The reality for this generation is that many jobs they will apply for haven't even been created yet but they aren't waiting for the unknown- they're finding their passion, grabbing it with both hands and making things happen, today! 

This unique program brings together three (3) peers under 25 who are not only making their dreams and passions come true but also juggling the stresses of everyday school life, whilst growing up in a digital world


- Career Choices and stepping stones
- Connecting with and learning from your peers
- The importance of being your own brand
- Using social media in a positive way
- Believing in yourself and exploring the real you
- Finding your passion
- Being a risk taker 

Year 7 to 9

45 - 60 mins

3x Panelists
1x Host


We have a range of presenters that will be suitable for our programs. Whilst we can't confirm exactly who is available, below is an example of who you may expect to see:


Bistro Morgan

When he was about seven years old, Morgan Hipworth taught himself to cook making elaborate three-course dinners for his parents and grandparents- and with that "Bistro Morgan" was born. 

Currently in Year 11 the focus of his cooking has now turned to doughnuts supplying cafes around Melbourne making more than 1000 doughnuts per weekend. After the recent success of a Pop Up store Bistro Morgan will be opening its doors permanently in December 2016. 

Now, as well as juggling full time school Morgan will add already impressive business owner to his already impressive CV at just 15! 


Healthy Clean Times

19 year old Ellie Laffner has been running her Instagram page "Healthy Clean Times" for 2 years and has over 51K followers...crazy!

Currently working in the wellness industry Ellie is empowering woman to take a balanced and relaxed approach to health. She’s all about healthy food ideas, exercise, cool cafes, positive body image and just being yourself! The best thing is that she always keeps it real, raw and honest.

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