Passion is the difference between having a job or having a career

Many students are unaware or confused about where to start once they finish school, the options they have and how these choices can affect them. 

Statistics show that most of today's students will change careers at least 5 times during their working lives. This interactive and realistic program gives your students access to three (3) Panelists sharing their career journeys, experiences, tips and practical advice. CareersAndU can be part of your Careers Day or as a stand-alone program.  


- Career Choices and stepping stones
- Finding the passion within
- Importance of Work/ Volunteer experience
- How to set realistic goals for my future
- Pressures/ stresses felt by students to make such an important decision
- What to do if "I have no idea of what I'd like to do once I've finished school"
- "It's OK 2 Just BU" - finding personal skills and translating them into potential career options

Year 9 to 11


3x Panelists
1x Host


We have a range of presenters that will be suitable for our programs. Whilst we can't confirm exactly who is available, below is an example of who you may expect to see:


Ten News Co-Anchor

Candice grew up on a farm in regional Victoria and, after penning dozens of murder mysteries in her bedroom, decided at age 12 she should be a journalist. She completed a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and two weeks later had a job at a suburban newspaper in Melbourne... which she was running a few months later! 

Candice’s “make your own success” attitude has allowed her to travel the world and Australia covering high profile stories such as the Beaconsfield Mine disaster, Jill Meagher's murder, Schapelle Corby's release from jail and the disappearance of flight MH370 .Candice recently became the co anchor for TEN News- the only female prime time news reader.

Candice tragically lost her vibrant and super fit mum to brain cancer at age 56 and since then, has become a vocal social media advocate for more investment in research.


Dual Paralympian

Hannah Macdougall is a dual Paralympian, previous world record holder, has captained the Australian Swimming Team at both a World Championships and Paralympic Games, completed a double degree in Sport Science and Sport Management with Honours, is currently completing a Phd in athlete well-being,and still manages to find time to locate coffee hotspots around Melbourne. Not bad for a 28 year old.

Hannah was born without her right foot and fibula, an occurrence that happens to one person in every 100,000. While no reasons or answers exist for Hannah’s ‘missing bit’ (aka Stumpy), having one leg has enabled Hannah to gain many unique experiences and has in no way stopped her from pursuing her goals. Throughout Hannah’s journey, sport has provided a vehicle of empowerment that has helped Hannah to gain confidence, continuously learn new skills, and meet many amazing people.

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