"Students are encouraged to embrace their individuality, be confident and resilient in following their own life path, career journey and celebrating all that they can be."

– Lisa Donath, Founder of Just B U


Launched in Melbourne, Australia, Just BU was started by primary school teacher, Lisa Donath. Aimed at secondary school students, this innovative, panel program lets your students know that "It’s OK 2 Just BU”- at work and at play! 

Empowering Year 7- 12 students via access to 3 relevant and influential role models students are encouraged to embrace their individuality, be confident and resilient in following their own life path, career journey and celebrating all that they can be. 

Through our Panel programs- "You R the Future", "CareersAndU" and "It's OK 2 Just BU"  three (3) panellists from the fields of business, entertainment, community and sport share their personal experiences whilst at school, their lives today and the choices they have made- the good, the bad and the ugly!! 

Just BU empowers Year 7- 12 students with the message that "It's OK 2 Just BU!" by providing them with access to real role models via an engaging, interactive Panel program.

Just BU panels are informal and conversational and provide a catalyst for an open, genuine discussion. Your students will have the opportunity to connect with at least 1, if not all of our panelists rather than "switching off" as is often the case with an individual speaker. At the end of the day we are all amazing, unique beings... we are here to help your students embrace and celebrate who they are as they begin they career and personal journeys after school


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When the 'Just BU' organisation came to our school, I was sceptical of what an impact they may have on my life. Within the first few minutes, it became clear to me that they were no ordinary group consisting of Government or School officials trying to bring forth my 'true potential'. Instead, these everyday individuals spoke to us about issues we could relate to whilst instilling into us the importance of staying true to yourself.  'Just BU' taught me that no matter what influences I have within my life, no one can get in the way of my own decisions.  

Year 11 student- De La Salle


If you are interested in one of our programs, are keen to present or have any questions, we would love to hear from you!


We are always looking for "Teen Voices"- young people looking for a way to share their thoughts, fun images or videos or write blog posts on topics of interest via our social media pages. This is a great way to gain some "work experience" and exposure!


Do you have a real story to share? Do you wish that when you were at school you heard a story from a role model that you could genuinely connect with- that you felt was living YOUR life now? We’d love to hear from you



It's OK

2 Just BU

You R the


You R the Future fosters the aspirational and entrepreneurial spirit of the millennial generation. The reality for this generation is that many jobs they will apply for haven't even been created yet but they aren't waiting for the unknown- they're finding their passion, grabbing it with both hands and making things happen, today! 

Finding your place in the world and more importantly embracing who you are is one of the hardest things young people face. Students are on an individual journey as they navigate the question of who they really are, try to embrace their individuality, be confident and resilient in following their own life path, career journey and celebrating all that they can be.

And U

Statistics show that most of today's students will change careers at least 5 times during their working lives. Many students are unaware or confused about where to start once they finish school, the options they have and how these choices can affect them. Hearing stories and learning from professionals that they look up to provides an insight into the road ahead

We couldn’t do what we do without your support... Thank you!




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